Isles of Scilly St Mary's - Well Cross 2 homes

Well Cross – Tom Chudleigh’s Yard: 1 one bedroom bungalow and 1 two bedroom bungalow.

Capture 1 1 658x469

  • August 2016 2 1 282x286


The two homes at Tom Chudleigh’s Yard were completed in November 2015.

They were developed by the conversion and refurbishment of derelict sheds previously used for a number of purposes, including a boathouse. The development was named after Tom Chudleigh who used the sheds to build rowing gigs, including the Serica.

The development was funded with the help of a grant from the Homes & Community Agency Empty Properties Fund with the land being donated by the Council of the Isles of Scilly.

The homes are highly insulated with electric heating and hot water supplemented by roof-mounted solar panels.