Cornwall Tresmeer - Hendra Garth 7 homes

Hendra Garth: 2 three bedroom houses, 2 two bedroom houses, 2 two bedroom flats and 1 two bedroom bungalow.

1115 0029s CRHA Hendra Garth 658x469

  • 1115 0023s CRHA Hendra Garth 282x286
  • 1115 0028sCRHA Hendra Garth 282x286

The properties at Hendra Garth were completed in March 2006. The homes feature ground source heat pumps which provide heating and hot water. The properties are connected to rainwater harvesting systems which collect rainwater for use in flushing toilets etc. and they are connected to a private sewage treatment plant. Tenants pay a service charge in addition to the weekly rent to cover the costs of servicing and maintaining the treatment plant. The properties have allocated parking bays, with a small grassed area to the front and private rear gardens. We are very proud that the Launceston Civic Society chose this development as the winner of its 2006 Architectural and Conservation Award.