Homes for the Ukraine

Information on how to help give a home.


Homes for Ukraine

The government has launched the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme to enable people living in the UK to host Ukrainian individuals or families.

The government is keen for social renters and shared owners to take part if they want to, and Cornwall Rural Housing Association is supportive of this.

If you want to take part in the scheme, all we ask is:

• Any offer of accommodation should be made through the government’s official scheme

• You let us know who is moving in and also when they leave

• You don’t let your home become overcrowded

• No other condition of your tenancy or lease is broken

People who provide accommodation through the scheme will be offered a thank you payment of £350 per month. The government has confirmed this payment will not be treated as income for the purposes of benefit entitlements, but we are seeking clarification on how this exemption will work in practice.

It would be worth checking whether any insurance policies on your home or contents could be affected by hosting.

The government has prepared some information on the scheme which you can find here – ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme launches - GOV.UK (