Tenant Satisfaction Survey

In November 2020, the Government published its Social Housing White Paper, setting out plans for a new consumer regulation regime. One element was the requirement that the Regulator of Social Housing develop clear and comparable tenant satisfaction measures. These measures should apply to all social landlords and cover the areas that matter to their tenants. Read more to take part in the consultation...


The White Paper recommends that Tenant Satisfaction Measures should give tenants meaningful information about their landlord and help the regulator ensure that landlords meet the new consumer standards.  

The measures would enable residents to hold their landlords to account and allow the regulator to ensure that housing associations (and other social housing providers) are delivering on consumer regulation. They would be used alongside other tools to gain assurance from social housing providers on compliance.

About the consultation

The regulator is seeking views on its proposed 22 tenant satisfaction measures across the five themes from the white paper:


  • Keeping properties in good repair.
  • Maintaining building safety.
  • Effective complaints handling.
  • Respectful and helpful tenant management.
  • Responsible neighbourhood management.

Twelve of these will be measured using a perception survey, while the remaining 10 will be measured using housing providers’ management information. This could include complaints handling, building safety, neighbourhood management, repairs and stock quality information.

The consultation is also proposing a new Tenant Satisfaction Measure standard. To comply with this, housing associations will need to meet detailed technical and tenant perception survey requirements.


Please see the link to the consultation below and if you do get an opportunity to complete it, please do, as this will help all residents in social housing.

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