Mutual Exchanges

How to Apply for a mutual exchange.

All Cornwall Rural Housing Association tenants have the right to effect a mutual exchange with a tenant of a council or housing association under the terms of their tenancy agreement and in line with the Housing Act 1996 (as amended).

Mutual exchanges are encouraged by the Association where tenants need to move for work or family support, financial and under/over occupancy.

The Association is generally bound by planning restrictions as many of our developments are subject to a Section 106 Agreement and other restrictions.  Where there is a local connection restriction an exchange will only be agreed if the incoming applicant can demonstrate a local connection that meets the requirements of the restriction.

A mutual exchange will not be approved if: -

  • A Notice of Seeking Possession has been issued and the tenancy breach not satisfied.
  • A Court Order for Possession has been issued.
  • The property is too large or too small for the incoming applicant.
  • The property has been specially adapted or designed to suit a physically disabled person.
  • Conditional approval will be given where there are rent arrears, but the move will not be sanctioned until the rent arrears have been cleared in full.

The Association will acknowledge receipt of a mutual exchange application within 42 days.  If an application is refused CRHA will clearly state, the reason why the application has been declined in writing.

Apply for a mutual exchange