We are sorry that in the current circumstances we are unable to come to your community and speak to you direct about our plans but we still wish to receive your comments as we develop our proposals.

Cornwall Rural Housing Association is a small Association looking to help individuals and local communities respond to housing difficulties. We own and manage approximately 350 properties spread across the small rural villages of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. More details of our Association and properties can be found elsewhere on our website.

Following receipt of pre-application advice from the planning department, we approached the Parish Council and introduced our company and advised that we were looking at plans for a small development of affordable homes on part of the field to the east of Little Trethewey Estate as outlined in red below:

Following Pre-application advice from the Council’s planning department, we have been working with architects and a range of consultants to develop the plans.

Our proposals are for 8 Affordable Homes located at the western end of the field, with a mix of property sizes in line with the recorded need:

3 x 1.5 bed 2 person houses 58sqm

3 x 2 bed 4 person houses 79sqm

2 x 3 bed 5 person houses 94sqm – 97sqm

To view the site block plan please Click here

The site layout has been designed to lead from west to east with properties organised in pairs, preventing overlooking or dominating existing properties. Properties have been set back from the road, with those that face both the B3315 and the development road, having secondary elevations of interest, with windows and chimneys, to avoid blank gables. The three bed houses have been located in the corners of the site, to provide additional rear garden space as these units are more likely to have larger families.

Properties as proposed are finished in painted render, with elements of natural stone and timber cladding for interest. Roofs are to be natural slate with upvc rainwater goods. Porches provide a covered area when accessing the dwellings, and those that enter direct into living spaces have been provided with a storm porch for enhanced weather protection.

Each unit will have two parking spaces delivered through a mix of shared driveways, on curtilage parking and small parking courts. Each space is immediately adjacent to the relevant property enabling easy identification.

Working with engineers the surface water drainage design has been completed in accordance with a Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment published in 2009 by Cornwall Council. South West Water have confirmed capacity to accept both surface water and foul water flows from the development into their system.

To view the property floor plans please Click here

Who will be eligible to rent a home?

If planning permission is granted, we anticipate that the homes will be subject to a S106 Agreement which will set out the eligibility and local connection criteria to be eligible for one of the homes.

  1. Have been a permanent resident in the parish of St Levan for a continuous period of at least three years immediately prior to the homes being available; or
  2. Been formerly permanently resident in the parish for a continuous period of 5 years; or
  3. Have his or her place of permanent work (over 16 hours per week and excluding seasonal work) within the parish for a continuous period of at least 3 years immediately prior to the homes being available; or
  4. Have a connection through a close family member where the family member is currently resident in the parish and has been for a continuous period of at least 5 years immediately prior to the homes being available and where there is independent evidence that the family member is in need of support or can give support.

Having looked at the drawings we would welcome your comments.  Please click the following link to fill in our comments form.  

If you would prefer to have a form posted to you, please email us at stating the name of the development and your name and address.

Your comments will be considered by us as we proceed through the planning process. This consultation does not form part of the formal planning application consultation process. Notice of the planning application will be posted on site and in press and you will have the opportunity to submit formal comments to the Planning Department.