How do I pay my rent?

The Association lets its properties on weekly tenancies.

This means that the rent on your property is due each Monday in advance.

The only exceptions to this are some of our older (pre-1994) tenancies that were let on either four-weekly or fortnightly tenancies. These tenants are obliged to ensure that their rent is paid either four weeks or two weeks in advance.

How to pay your rent

Your rent is payable in advance on the Monday of the week in which it is due.

When you become one of our tenants, you will receive an Allpay card.  This gives you a choice of how and where you can make payments to CRHA.

Allpay App – Download the app to pay quickly and easily.  You will need your payment reference number.

Paypoint – you can use your Allpay card to make payment at any Post Office or any retail outlet displaying the Paypoint logo.  After making a payment you will be issued with a receipt which you should keep in a safe place and check against the rent statements we send you each quarter.

Mobile Text – you can pay your rent by mobile SMS.  Once you have registered for this service online at you will be able to make direct payments by debit or credit card simply by texting the amount you wish to pay.

Online Payments – you can pay your rent by debit or credit card online at

Telephone Payments – you can pay your rent by debit or credit card by telephoning 0844 557 8321. You will need to have your card to hand.

Direct Debit – is a quick and easy way to pay, direct from your bank or building society account.  If you want to set up a direct debit please call our office on 01208 892000 for further details.

Internet banking – you can pay your rent via on-line banking.          CAF Bank – Sort Code 40-52-40  Account no 00025669.                Please make sure you quote your tenant reference number which can be found on your rent statement.

If you are not sure about any aspect of your rent or if you have any difficulties with payments, please contact the Association.