Our Homes

Cornwall Rural Housing Association owns homes in village locations throughout Cornwall and on the Isles of Scilly.

Developers & Landowners

If there is evidence of housing need in a village then it may be possible for us to obtain planning permission on land which is outside of the development boundary.

Our housing schemes typically take up less than one acre so please contact us if you have any land which may be suitable for a small development of affordable housing to meet local needs.

However, in order to develop truly affordable housing we would probably only be able to pay a price of between five to ten times the existing agricultural value.

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Who gets our homes

Most of the properties we own have been built subject to planning or other restrictions as to who can occupy them. This means that we can only re-house anyone who can demonstrate a local connection with a village or a parish where we have properties. The precise definition of a “local connection” varies according to where the properties are located.

However, it will generally mean that you must currently either live or work in the parish, or have lived there recently and had to move away to find housing or work, or have close family in the parish who either need your support or can provide you with support. We will not be able to assist you with housing if you cannot demonstrate a connection with a village or parish where one of our developments is located.

Please note that most of our properties are subject to nomination agreements with the relevant local authority. This means that a percentage of our lettings will be made to people nominated to us from the local council housing waiting list.

We therefore advise everyone to ensure that they register their requirement for housing with the local council where they need to be rehoused. You can also contact us direct to request an application form.